Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad treatment on Employes by Dofreeze LLC, Dubai

Hey something interesting ... I found the below article. So sad to know the pain. I am wondering are they human beings to treat this way.

Qasim Says:
November 29th, 2009 at 5:06 am
The Bad Treatment of Employees in Dofreeze LLC, Dubai
Dear Officials,
 I am one of the employees working with Dofreeze LLC, Dubai. I hereby would like to request you to find some solutions to the problems what the employees of Dofreeze are facing. Since I have the trust on you, I thought it would be best to post over here. I am scared to display my name and also file a complaint in the labor court in Dubai as the management makes our life hell than what we are floating in already. I do this on behalf of all the labors who are working with this company.  The labors in this company are really treated worst than animals without providing proper hygienic shelter. We have come from our mother country paying huge amount of money to the agent for the visa which is 8000 dirham’s a year. Once we come and join this company, they make us to sign a form saying they have paid  Dhs 3500 + ticket amount as loan to each production labor. When we inquire about this, they say that was the money spent on visa and we have to pay back to the company. When we talk about the money we paid to the agency from whom they hired us, they come up saying “ No, you have to pay the money”
If we do not agree then they ask us to pay Dhs 3500 + ticket amount and ask us to leave. In this situation we have no other ways  than staying with the company and working for the number of years as per the contract. So in our Dhs 700 salary, Dhs 200 is been deducted every month. So we end up staying back until the loan of almost Dhs 11,000 paid off without even able to take care of our family whatever we earn.
I would request you to have inquiry with random production employees to know the kind of treatment we are going through. We have accommodation which is very filthy and we are treated worst than animals by the management. We are made to work for 12 to 14 hours a day without allowing us to take our weekly off.
If we raise the voice we are treated badly by making us to work continuously for 24 hours some times. There is nobody to listen and do anything for us. We have no money to come to the labor court and file the money. We are very fed up by the treatment.
Is that fair the management treating us this way? We are not allowed to take sick leaves when we are even very sick. Instead we have to come to work. We end up encountering with the accidents, having injuries and even then the management is not bothered about anything. They call themselves as HACCP company but if you come to the production area, you would be surprised with the kind of filthiness and the way things are produced. Its food at the end of the day. Many a times the angry employees drop the nuts and bolts while they produce cakes and still the quality department is not bothered, instead they just sell those products to the market.
Please do something about this..  It’s our humble request. Please save us from the demons. We need justice.

Answers to 7 W's and 1H

Before we talk about anything, it is necessary to eradicate the confusion of a reader. There is a saying, do not talk around the bushes... so its time for us to talk straight. 

Well, I have a long story about talking straight.. I would describe in a while. Before that let us come up with the answers for 7 W's

Who we are?
We are the employees of Dofreeze LLC, Dubai, whom you can call as tired employees who are treated very bad by the management. There is no value for our voice when we raise it to the Management. We are the employees whose blood is been squeezed, we are the employees whose families have been made to suffer more and more day by day.
What is this about? 
We are using this blog as the voice to the cruel CEO , the experiences and the FACTS.
Why are we doing this?
The reason is to let the world know about what is been happening in our so called Dofreeze LLC world. We are asking Human Rights to come to our rescue
Where is Dofreeze Located?
Dofreeze is located in below address
16003, Food & Beverage Zone,
Dubai, Industrial City, Emirates Road,
P.O.Box: 34255, Dubai - U.A.E

When ?
We have been working with this company for few years now.. and we are unable to leave the place and go as the way we are tied up which would be explained in a while.

Whom are we doing this?

First of all we are writing for the ones who could rescue us from this disaster.
We are writing this for the readers, who would want to be saved in future in getting employed.

Will be explained further